Paige Spiranac Slams Bryson DeChambeau for Tiger Woods 'Name Drop'

Golf fans may have loved Bryson DeChambeau talking about Tiger Woods after winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational this past weekend, but not everyone was impressed. Paige Spiranac went to Twitter and shared her thoughts on the 27-year-old pro golfer.

"I can respect Bryson and still find him annoying," Spiranac wrote. One fan responded to the tweet, stating that they didn't understand the hate some people have toward DeChambeau. Spiranac replied, "He just comes off disingenuous at times." And when replying to another fan, Spiranac wrote, "I didn’t like the Tiger name drop either." When DeChambeau won the tournament, he said that Woods contacted him before the final round.

"Well, it was obviously personal, I would say, for the most part," DeChambeau said when asked about the details of the text message conversation. "But pretty much to sum it up ... he texted me this morning out of the blue and I wasn't expecting anything. When I got that text, I'm like, 'Wow, that's pretty amazing that he is thinking of me when he's in his tough times that he's going through right now.' So I just texted him. I said, 'Keep moving forward, keep going forward. You're going to get through it. You're the hardest working person I've ever met and you'll persevere through this pretty much.'"

DeChambeau went on to say how he and Woods talked about setbacks. "One of the things that we talked about was, it's not about how many times you get kicked to the curb or knocked down. It's about how many times you can get back up and keep moving forward," DeChambeau said. "And I think this [champion's] red cardigan is not only for Mr. Palmer, but I would say it's a little bit for Tiger as well, knowing what place he's in right now."

This isn't the first time Spiranac has been critical of DeChambeau. In July of last year, Spiranac called out the 2020 U.S. Open winner on her Playing A Round podcast. “I thought he was doing things that were different, innovative and he is who he is, and I respect that. But in the last three weeks or so, it’s been really hard to be a Bryson fan,” Spiranac said when talking about DeChambeau's behavior after debating with a PGA official about an out-of-bounds decision during a tournament. “He’s kind of crossed that line from being different to just being a d–.”