Odell Beckham Jr. and Girlfriend Lauren Wood Poke Fun at Each Other in Flirty Instagram Exchange

On Nov. 5, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. turned heads when he confirmed a relationship with model/actress Lauren Wood via some comments on Instagram. Now, the couple is showing that they are fond of teasing each other. This was evident in the comments section of a recent photo on social media.

Wood posted a selfie in which she was holding flowers, writing "just bc [flowers emoji][wine emoji]." In response, Beckham wrote "Just bc what....??? [crying face emoji]." The teasing didn't end at that point as Wood took one final shot at her boyfriend.

"[Odell] this literally has nothing to do with u," she wrote to finish the conversation once and for all. Of course, this back-and-forth was very entertaining to many on social media, resulting in comments about how the couple is adorable.

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While many were joking about the interaction between Beckham and Wood, others were trying to figure out the source of the bouquet. Was it a gift from the Cleveland Browns wide receiver, or did it come from a different figure? To many, there was no debate. Beckham was simply showing his love with the flowers despite claims from other commenters.

As someone that has become a household name due to his exploits with the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns, it is expected that this relationship would become a talking point for many on social media. After all, the receiver did explain to GQ that becoming a celebrity can have its drawbacks.

"I didn't know that getting to that level — or being on the level, like, where a LeBron is at — that I would have to deal with certain things," Beckham said in July. "People ask me what advice I would give, and I'm just like: 'Be careful what you ask for.' Like I said, I wouldn't change anything for the world, but I wish the world would have more love than hate in it.''

This comment came as Beckham was facing questions about his lifestyle, his sexuality, and all of the aspects that had become bigger talking points heading into his first season with the Cleveland Browns.


More than halfway through the NFL season, these questions are falling to the wayside while Beckham is dealing with criticism due to the play of the Browns offense. However, he isn't letting it affect his sense of fun considering that he and Wood are still teasing each other on Instagram.

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