NFL Draft 2020: Comedian Frank Caliendo Channels Raiders Coach Jon Gruden in Parody Video

The 2020 NFL Draft begins on Thursday night and will feature coaches and general managers making their player selections in an entirely virtual setting due to COVID-19. There are several coaches that have expressed concerns about the technology required, and now comedian Frank Caliendo is poking fun at one of them. He did so by impersonating Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

The longtime impressionist posted a video on social media in which he was dressed as Gruden. He had on the Raiders visor and was squinting his eye while trying to figure out the video conferencing app, Zoom. The attempt did not pan out particularly well considering that he knocked the phone onto the ground. He was not upset about this mishap and simply said that "the Draft's gonna go well, man."

This is far from the only time that Caliendo has impersonated Gruden. He has done so frequently, especially when the Raiders coach is in his vicinity. The two men are friends and have created some unique moments for their fans, whether they were preparing for an Aerosmith concert or filming a fake episode of "Gruden's QB Camp."

One example took place when the Raiders were featured on HBO's Hard Knocks prior to the 2019 season. Caliendo showed up to training camp dressed as Gruden, and he gave an expletive-filled speech to the players. "I do this s— for free," Caliendo said. He then asked the players to agree with him and used Gruden's iconic line, "Knock on wood if you're with me."

The impressions have since continued in recent months, including a time when Caliendo conducted an entire interview on the "Dan Patrick Show" as Gruden. He has also filmed numerous short videos of him reacting to TV or brushing his teeth while staying in character. Caliendo has made a career out of his impressions, but the Raiders' head coach could be his most popular at the moment.


With the NFL Draft starting on Thursday, there will be questions about whether or not the real Gruden reacts to technology in the same way that Caliendo predicted. The answer will not be provided, however, due to the broadcasts on NFL Network, ESPN, ABC and Nickelodeon focusing on the picks being made instead of the coaches and GMs. At least fans can hope that Caliendo posts videos throughout the weekend.