Michael Strahan Pokes Fun at His Tooth Gap to Promote Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the United States as a reported 1,000 people have died from the disease as of Wednesday, while over 20,000 have died worldwide. This has led to officials preaching handwashing and social distancing in order to stop the spread, and now Michael Strahan is making fun of himself to make sure the social distancing message is heard loud and clear.

The former New York Giants star and Good Morning America anchor went to Instagram to promote social distancing by making fun of his tooth gap. He posted a photo of himself smiling and the caption under the photo said: "Social distancing! Strahan's teeth get it, why don't you?"

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"Social distancing is very serious and if making fun of myself helps people understand, I am all for it!" Strahan wrote. There were a number of fans who loved the post including Rob Gronkowski, Terrell Owens and Terry Crews. Fans also enjoyed the photo with one fan writing, "Thank you from this RN on the front line for leading the way and making a positive difference. Wishing you and your safety and wellness."

"But seriously talk, I saw moving datas and pics. Most people are doing social distancing and staying at home," another fan wrote.

"Oh [Michael] I love your gap!!" another Instagram user added. "My husband knows I'll only watch sports if you're involved and the whole time I gush over your beautiful face and that gap."


Social distancing is one thing the U.S. government has stressed during the pandemic. President Donald Trump recently announced a 15-day social distancing plan and he's hoping the country will be "open." However, Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned Trump about opening the country too soon amid the pandemic.

"We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. We're not going to let the cure be worse than the problem. At the end of the 15-day period, we'll make a decision as to which way we want to go," Trump said during a daily coronavirus briefing. The president added that he hopes the United States will be "open for business" soon, saying "Essentially, we're referring to the timing of the opening, essentially, the opening of our country. Because we have it pretty well shut-down in order to get rid of this invisible enemy."