Michael Strahan Reveals One Issue He Has With New York Giants

Michael Strahan's No. 92 will officially be retired by the New York Giants on Sunday when the team takes on the Philadelphia Eagles. It's an event Strahan is looking forward to, but he does have one question for the Giants. When talking to the Associated Press this week, Strahan wondered why did it take so long for the Giants to retire his number. 

"All of the things that I did with the Giants, I would have expected it a little bit sooner, but it's still an honor," Strahan, a standout defensive end, said. "Things come in the time in which they're meant to come and not at the time in which you want them to come, sometimes. That's the way I'm looking at it. I don't want it to look as if I'm ungrateful or I'm not honored by it, because I truly am. I probably would've expected it to come a little bit sooner than it did."  

Strahan, a co-host on Good Morning America, retired from the NFL after the 2007 season after helping the Giants win the Super Bowl. He left the game with 141.5 career sacks and holds the NFL record for the most sacks in a single season (22.5 in 2001). He has the sixth-best all-time total in sacks and is a member of the 2000s All-Decade Team. But despite all the accomplishments Strahan achieved in his NFL career, he was not a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He failed to get voted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2013 but got in the following year. 

Strahan also talked to the Associated Press about still being a Giants fan. "Do I watch every game as if I am still playing and the biggest fan of the Giants? Absolutely," Strahan said. "Do I get frustrated like every other fan out there? Absolutely. Do I look at it and think that I could get off my couch sometimes and go play and help the team? Absolutely."


Strahan's number retirement ceremony comes on the heels of the Giants retiring Eli Manning's number earlier in the season. Manning led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins and retired from the NFL after the 2019 season.