Watch: Classic Clip of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Stopping Dennis Rodman From Fighting Shaquille O'Neal Resurfaces

With The Last Dance entertaining viewers during the first four episodes, Twitter users have begun searching for classic Chicago Bulls clips to watch throughout the week. One such example was posted by ESPN's SportsCenter account and featured a tense moment between Dennis Rodman and Shaquille O'Neal. A fight nearly broke out between the two NBA stars, but Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen kept their teammate out of trouble.

The incident took place in a close overtime game between the Bulls and the Lakers. Rodman grabbed a rebound off a missed shot and immediately called for a timeout. O'Neal ran up and ripped the ball out of his arms, which nearly sparked a brawl. Rodman reacted by getting in O'Neal's face, and the big Lakers star responded by shoving him. Before the situation could get out of hand, Jordan and Pippen raced in and dragged their teammate to the sideline.

"Boy, Jordan and Pippen were really quick to get into the wrestling match," one announcer said during the replay. The other responded by saying that "Jordan's good" and that he wouldn't want to get in a wrestling match with the Bulls star. The announcer didn't want to play Jordan and he certainly didn't want to wrestle him either.

"The way Scott is laughing on the ground after dragging Rodman down is hilarious. Like he's thinking 'Oh man, here goes Dennis again.....'" one fan wrote after watching the classic clip. Other Twitter users responded by making guesses about who would have had the upper hand in this bout. Several thought that Rodman would have put up a fight, but the majority believed that he would have been on a "feeding tube" after facing off with O'Neal.

While Pippen was laughing the entire time that he and Jordan were holding Rodman back, there were concerns about how a potential fight and subsequent penalty could have impacted the game. The Bulls had a two-point lead at the time and couldn't provide the Lakers with any opportunity to steal a victory. O'Neal was never known as a prolific free-throw shooter during his career, but the Bulls didn't want to take any chances.


The classic clip of the near-brawl wasn't long, but it certainly created excitement for the next few episodes of The Last Dance. Fans are loving this documentary series and eagerly anticipate every Sunday. Each week includes surprise appearances from some of the sport's biggest names, and the viewers are never disappointed.