Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Just Bought an Entire Town

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban now owns an entire town in Texas. According to the Dallas Morning News, Cuban purchased the town of Mustang, which is located about 55 miles south of Dallas. The town is only 77 acres and has a population of 23 people. In an email to the Dallas Morning News, Cuban explained why he bought the town, which was a friend needed to sell it. 

"I don't know what if anything I will do with it," Cuban said, per The Hill. Mustang was founded in the 1970s and went up for sale in 2017 for $4 million. Dallas Morning News said the town was never sold. Dallas real estate broker Mike Turner told the paper that he thought about purchasing the town and revealed the reason why he decided against it. 

"I had a fair amount of interest in it, but it was priced too high — even when we brought it down to $2 million," he said. "It's a natural for Mark with the Mavericks to have Mustang." Purchasing a town in Texas is one of the many accomplishments for Cuban when it comes to his business career. But being the Mavericks owner is what he's known for the most. In an interview with Daily Beast earlier this year, Cuban revealed how the Mavericks can win another championship. 

"We need a secondary ball handler with some size," Cuban said. [Kristaps Porzingis ] will spread the court, make threes, is a great cutter, and block shots. Luka [Doncic] will create. We've got shooters with Tim and Trey [Burke] and Maxi [Kleber] and others. But we need someone to take the pressure off of Luka, so instead of him having to have the ball in his hands for 40 minutes, it could be 32 minutes, and that's what we need."


Cuban is also known for being on the ABC series Shark Tank. In the same interview, Cuban was asked if he made the $20 million back for the investments made in the show. "Yes, definitely," he said. "I sold one company, Cycloramic, that pivoted from being an app on an iPhone to being computer vision for online auto e-commerce, and I made—now that the stock price is up so high—double all my investments just from that one alone."