Logan Paul Teases Major News About WWE Return

Is Logan Paul making a big return to WWE? The 27-year-old YouTuber and social media personality went to Twitter to share a couple of photos of him training in the ring. He is seen executing a move off the top rope and posted the eyes emoji while tatting WWE in the tweet. 

Paul competed in WrestleMania 38 earlier this year. He teamed up with The Miz, and the two took on Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Paul and The Miz won the match, but The Miz turned on Paul at the end of the match, ultimately making him a babyface. After WrestleMania 38, The Miz spoke to Ryan Satin for the Out of Character podcast and showed love to Paul for his heel work. 

"Anyone that can go into the ring and be more hated than me, I applaud you, because that is extremely difficult to do. I really do have a punchable face," The Miz said, per Thirsty For News. "I know I have a punchable face, and I have used it for 20 years in WWE and will continue to do so. But he walks into a ring and it is just, even in Cleveland. I was like, we're in our home town. You don't get booed in your hometown. We do."  

Before WrestleMania 37, Paul spoke to talkSport and was asked if he would consider competing in WWE full-time. "To be honest, bro… Probably. Yeah, probably. It just has to make sense with my schedule," he said. "I'm doing so much stuff and I have to really be careful where I allocate my energy. This happened with boxing. At first, I did it, I tried it out and I loved it, so I kept doing it.

"Today was the first day — because we had training today — I was like 'oooh yeah, this is f—ing fun.' So again, I fall in love with this sport and I soak in the energy at WrestleMania and feel like there's a future for me here, man, I'm gonna have to run with it. But it's not my decision, it's up to the fans. Either love me or hate me — that's great. But if they're indifferent to me, we got a f*cking problem and I'll probably get out of this sport."