Watch: Lindsey Vonn Teaches Her Dog to Dive in the Pool in Fun Videos

Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is enjoying the warm weather by taking a dive into her pool. She is not alone for the pastime, however, considering that she is training a "future Olympian." She is showing her dog, Bear, how to properly dive into the swimming pool.

Vonn posted a video on Instagram showing the work in progress. She posted multiple angles of the dive as both she and Bear leaped into the pool. Once her on-screen countdown ran out, the pair raced each other up and down the pool. Vonn barely won before helping Bear out of the water so he could get in a good shake.

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"Back to training Bear for the Olympics. He's making progress, look out @m_phelps00 #doggiepaddle," Vonn wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. The fans expressed appreciation for the video, but a few did not think this was a real competition. They proclaimed that Bear "let Vonn win."

While Vonn did tell Michael Phelps that Bear was coming for him, her fellow Olympian did not respond. He has been training in the pool again and enjoying the warm weather, but he has a different focus. Phelps is working on properly teaching his children about safely swimming. Although this could simply be a cover for his training to defeat Bear in a competition.

While she waits for a response from Phelps, Vonn is training in possibly the most impressive gym in the United States. She posted a video on her Instagram on Monday, showing her working out with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. She and fiance P.K. Subban were both at the "Iron Paradise" and getting fit with the popular actor.


"Iron Paradise, baby," Subban said as he pedaled on an exercise bike. "The most beautiful place. Boys become men right here." Vonn responded to this statement by asking how the gym works for her. "I don't know what I am," she said. This video prompted a number of responses from people excited about the athletes working out together, but Patrick Dempsey said that he wants to train with the star-studded group.

Whether she is diving in the pool or hanging out with The Rock, Vonn is enjoying her summer. She is also constantly working on keeping active amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This also helps pass the time while she waits for Phelps to respond to her dog's challenge.