Lindsey Vonn's Dogs Injured by Porcupine: 'Incredibly Thankful That They Are OK'

Former Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn had a frightening moment recently. Her dogs chased after a porcupine and found themselves on the wrong side of the quills. Vonn revealed that her dogs were in pain but also showed that they were ultimately ok after a trip to the veterinarian's office.

Vonn posted multiple photos on Instagram to provide updates about the experience. The first photo showed her two dogs with dozens of quills in their faces. The second showed one of the dogs getting the quills removed. In addition to the photos, Vonn also posted a video that showed one of her dogs staring at the camera after the quill removal process. The dog appeared to be no worse for wear after facing off with the porcupine.

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"So... my boys got into some trouble over the weekend [stunned emoji][facepalm emoji] They ran out of the house and chased after a porcupine... as boys do [rolling eyes emoji] Incredibly thankful that they are ok. I greatly appreciate my family and friends for helping them make it home safe and the love and care that they got from White Pine Vet [praying hands emoji] You guys are the best!" Vonn wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

This incident with the porcupine is not the first time that one of Vonn's dogs, Bear, has drawn attention in recent months. The big dog also competed with the former Olympian in a race up and down the swimming pool. First, however, Vonn showed Bear how to properly dive into the water.


Vonn posted a video on Instagram in July showing the work in progress. She posted multiple angles of the dive as both she and Bear leaped into the pool. Once her on-screen countdown ran out, the pair raced each other up and down the pool. Vonn barely won before helping Bear out of the water so he could get in a good shake.

"Back to training Bear for the Olympics. He's making progress, look out [Michael Phelps] [doggie paddle]," Vonn wrote in the caption. Many fans responded and said that the video was very entertaining. A few said that Bear had "let Vonn win" during the race, but they still expressed appreciation for the competition. Months later, the fans are showing their relief after the porcupine incident.