LeSean McCoy Ordered to Pay $55,000 After Three-Year Legal Battle

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy has been ordered to pay $55,000 to a police officer named, Roland Butler as the result of a 2016 bar fight in Philadelphia. According to TMZ Sports, Butler sued both McCoy and former University of Pittsburgh running back Tamarcus Porter after he missed months of work due to serious injuries. He sustained a broken nose, cuts to the face, broken ribs, a broken thumb and more from the fight that was described by arbitrator Annette Rizzo as a "melee" and "free for all."

The incident occurred at the Recess Lounge in Philadelphia, an after-hours nightclub, around 2:30 a.m. on February 7, 2016. The fight stemmed from Butler, who was off-duty at the time, arguing with Porter over who ordered a bottle of champagne, per ESPN. During the conflict, the bottle was knocked to the ground, where it shattered and kicked off the fight.

In the process of this "melee" at the Recess Lounge, Butler was knocked to the ground. Video obtained by TMZ showed McCoy throwing at least one punch in the direction of Butler while he was on the floor.

Despite having video evidence that showed McCoy punching Butler, the investigation yielded no criminal charges for the running back. Former Philadelphia district attorney Seth Williams explained the reasoning for the decision.

"There is insufficient evidence to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, who started the fight and under what circumstances," Williams said.

The NFL also investigated the case but opted out of punishing McCoy for his involvement. To make the matter more convoluted, McCoy and Porter also claimed that they were acting in self-defense during the fight. Although the arbitrator found no basis for this claim.

A second off-duty officer, Darnell Jesse, was also injured during the fight when he was struck in the face. He suffered a broken orbital and was also forced to miss months of work. Jesse did not receive financial compensation in the case due to being unsure who struck him.


With this decision made in arbitration, the more than three-year legal battle has ended. McCoy has paid Butler $55,000, but Porter has not paid his share just yet, according to the Philadelphia attorney representing Butler.

Both officers, Butler and Jesse, have since returned to active duty. McCoy, on the other hand, is preparing for his 11th year in the NFL and his fourth with the Buffalo Bills. He originally played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2009-2014 before being traded.