LeBron James' Latest Photo Stirs Los Angeles Lakers Fans

The 2018-19 NBA season wasn't a good one for the Los Angeles Lakers, but fans are hopeful for [...]

The 2018-19 NBA season wasn't a good one for the Los Angeles Lakers, but fans are hopeful for better luck when the new season arrives. LeBron James, who was benched with a groin injury around Christmas, teased his return to the team on Instagram Stories, getting sports fanatics hyped for what's to come.

On Thursday, James shared a photo of himself in the gym with Instagram followers. He wrote over the Story, "Comeback [season] gone be [gasping emoji]."

NBA.com reported that James was diagnosed with a strained left groin on Dec. 26, 2018. The injury occurred midway through the third quarter of a Lakers game against the Golden State Warriors. The team emerged victorious with 127 points to the Warriors' 101.

James said at the time he'd suffered the injury before, but "not in a long time."

"It's pretty rare for me to have an injury period," he said. "It happens and we've got a great medical staff here, I've got a great trainer."

The professional basketball player added, "I wasn't able to go back to the game, obviously. I'll get an MRI tomorrow and see what's up."

"With me with injuries, I'm never too concerned about them. I was able to walk off on my own power. I felt a pop, see if I could stretch it a few times, see if it would relieve but it didn't. ... I did a couple exercises to see if I could continue to go but I didn't feel like it would benefit my team or me. So I came back and got a jump start on rehab," he went on to say.

James' return to the Lakers' roster isn't the only thing fans have to look forward to. The team recently signed Anthony Davis, whom they'd been eyeing for some time. He's set to be introduced as a Laker in the coming days, 12 Up reported.

The team is said to have its sights on Kawhi Leonard, CBS Sports reported. James and Davis are rumored to be helping the Lakers convince Leonard to sign. Leonard is said to be meeting with the Lakers as well as the New York Knicks.

Leonard will be a free agent starting this summer. He opted out of his deal with the Toronto Raptors after participating in the NBA championship finals, which the team won. No decision has been reached at this time. It's unclear when Leonard will announce which team he plans to sign with.