Kyle Walker, Manchester City Player, Under Fire for Partying With Sex Workers During Quarantine

Residents of the United Kingdom have been urged to stay home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Restrictions have been put in place to combat the spread of the virus, including limiting the reasons to leave the house. Kyle Walker, a soccer star for Manchester City, did not adhere to the guidelines despite pleading for others to stay indoors.

According to The Sun, Walker reportedly paid two escorts to visit him and a friend at his home in London. He reportedly invited them for a three-hour session, which took place one day before he urged his supporters to stay home. One of the escorts told The Sun that she and a companion arrived at Walker's home around 10:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night and that they didn't leave until 2 a.m. the following morning. The escort also provided several photos from the evening.

"Footballers are global role models," Manchester City said in a statement, "and our staff and players have been working to support the incredible efforts of the NHS and other key workers in fighting the effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, in any way we can. Kyle's actions in this matter have directly contravened these efforts."

Walker has since issued an apology for hosting this party. He said that he has the role of being a role model and that he let his supporters down. Manchester City noted this apology but said that the organization would be conducting an internal investigation into Walker's actions.

"I want to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for the choices I made last week which have resulted in a story today about my private life in a tabloid newspaper," Walker said in his statement. "I understand that my position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model. As such, I want to apologize to my family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down. My actions in this matter are in direct contrast to what I should have been doing regarding the lockdown. And I want to reiterate the message: Stay home, stay safe."


Walker left his home once again after releasing this statement. He went for a walk at Prestbury golf course with his ex, Annie Kilner, and their three young children. They reportedly "bumped into" his next-door neighbor, former Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney and two of his children. A nearby police officer reportedly ordered the families to go home separately.