Kobe Bryant Celebration of Life: See Ciara's Stunning, Subtle Tribute to Kobe and Gianna

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson were two of the many celebrities that attended Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant's Celebration of Life on Monday in Los Angeles, and Ciara paid subtle tribute to the pair with her outfit, revealing on Twitter on Monday that her nails had "Kobe" and "Gigi" written on the insides.

"Rest in Paradise Angels," she captioned the photo.

Ciara followed that with a message of support for Kobe's widow Vanessa Bryant, who delivered a eulogy at the ceremony.

"You are the true definition of a Woman. I admire your strength, grace, and resilience," Ciara tweeted. "Truly so proud of you. I know God is proud. Kobe and Gi Gi are smiling down on you. We love you and the girls [Vanessa Bryant]. Heaven is Rejoicing Today #2 #24."

Ciara's fellow attendee Jennifer Lopez also paid tribute to Kobe and Gianna with a manicure. Hers was done in nude polish with gold flecks on all of the nails except for two, which showed the numbers "2" and "24" in gold. "2" was the number Gianna wore on her own basketball jersey and "24" was the number on Kobe's Los Angeles Lakers jersey.

Beyoncé, who performed at the event, had a purple manicure for the memorial with "Kobe" and "Gigi" written on her nails in rhinestones and wore a Lakers jersey with 24 on it during her rehearsal.

Beyoncé opened the memorial with her songs "XO" and "Halo," describing the former as one of Kobe's favorites. Alicia Keys performed Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," which Kobe had learned to play by ear as a tribute to his wife, and Christina Aguilera sang a rendition of "Ave Maria" in Italian, Kobe's second language.

In her eulogy, Vanessa shared personal anecdotes about her daughter and husband, including the fact that Gianna would always kiss her good morning and goodnight and that Kobe had gifted her the blue dress from the movie The Notebook.


"They were so easy to love," Vanessa said. "Everyone naturally gravitated towards them. They were funny, happy, silly, and they loved life. They were so full of joy and adventure. God knew they couldn't be on this Earth without each other. He had to bring them home to have them together."

Photo Credit: Getty / David Crotty