Vikings Legend John Randle Opens up About Relationship With Former Rival Brett Favre (Exclusive)

John Randle ended his NFL career as one of the top pass rushers in history, posting 137.5 sacks, the 10th-best total all-time. But out of all the quarterbacks he took down in his career, Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre was the one Randle enjoyed sacking the most since he was a three-time MVP. In an exclusive interview with, Randle talked about his relationship with Favre now.

"I keep in contact through Brett, through a guy named Frank Winters," Randle told PopCulture. "I don't want my Vikings followers to think that I have Brett Favre's number, but I talk to Brett through Frank and we were actually talking about trying to get to do a little Packers-Viking golf tournament. But Brett was a great competitor. He and I had many a battles. And for me, playing in Minnesota was great, but there was nothing like going to Lambeau Field and playing in such a hostile environment. Because it's one thing to win at home, but to kick somebody's butt in their backyard and watch the fans leave, I always loved that."

The Packers and the Vikings during the 1990s were two of the top teams in the NFL. The Packers won the Super Bowl during the 1996 season and went back to the big game the following year. The Vikings made it to the playoffs eight times during the 1990s and reached the NFC Championship game in 1998. Favre and Randle are both members of the 1990s All-Decade Team and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While Randle loved sacking Favre and just quarterbacks in general, there are so many other things he loves about his NFL career.

"I have to put in getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, coming to the Minnesota Vikings organization my rookie year, and making a team where most people believed that I wasn't going to make it, just playing overall 14 years in the National Football League for a game where, once again, I wasn't supposed to be here and/or play for that long, having that longevity of 14 years," Randle said when asked about some of his favorite NFL memories.


"So for me, I look at it as playing in the National Football League is always an honor and a privilege. And I want every guy out there who's playing in it or thinking about playing in the National Football League, to realize that it's such an honor and a privilege. And when you get the opportunity to play in it, don't mess it up because there are so many other people out there who wish they could have played in the National Football League, and to have somebody out there playing and take it and to do a disservice is just so disrespectful."