Joe Montana Docuseries in the Works

A new docuseries about one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history is on the way. This week, [...]

A new docuseries about one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history is on the way. This week, Peacock announced it is developing a docuseries on the life and career of Joe Montana. The former San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback will participate in the series, which will take a look at his career from high school to Norte Dame to the NFL, where he won four Super Bowls.

A release date has not been set, but NFL Films will produce the series that will feature interviews with celebrities, former teammates, coaches and mentees of Montanta. Montanta won all four of his Super Bowls with the 49ers and was named Super Bowl MVP three times. Earlier this year, caught up with Montana, who revealed his favorite Super Bowl memory.

"The touchdown pass to John Taylor to win Super Bowl XXIII," Montana said. "As a quarterback, I did that so many times in my backyard with my neighbor growing up, except I used to make him dive for the ball just for the excitement." While that was a great play for Montana, he didn't want to ignore his other Super Bowl wins.

"The first one's the first, the second we played at Stanford Stadium," Montana stated. "Throwing a touchdown pass in the next one, and the last one, we just had a great game after we got it all settled out the first-part jitters out of the way. We ended up blowing out Denver and found out the hard way you don't want to do that because you get taken out of the game early."

Montana finished his career with 40,551 passing yards, 273 touchdowns and 139 interceptions with a 92.3 passer rating. Those numbers are lower than the quarterbacks of today, but Montana believes that he and the rest of the 49ers teams from the 1980s would out on the show with the current NFL rules in place.

"As long as [49ers coach Bill Walsh] would maintain that," Montana said when asked if he could put up big numbers if he was playing right now. "His thing was always was he liked to run the ball too. He felt that no matter what, you still have to have a running game. If you look at the teams that have won Super Bowls, still run the ball pretty much. Kansas City maybe a little less than most but still had a pretty good running game that went along with what Patrick [Mahomes] was able to do throwing the ball and the group of guys that he has on the outside."