Jim Edmonds Makes Huge Costco Run Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Days Prior to Hospitalization

Former St. Louis Cardinals star Jim Edmonds was recently hospitalized to be tested for COVID-19. He had not confirmed whether he had tested positive and only showed that he was midway through the process. Days prior, however, Edmonds showed that he was stocking up on items, as evidenced by his massive Costco haul.

Edmonds used his Instagram Stories to post several photos detailing his trip to the bulk shopping warehouse. He showed off the bed of his truck filled with bottled water, Gatorade, and other products. He even showed that he was keeping the kids in mind by purchasing Peanut Butter & Jelly Uncrustables. The haul was massive, but Edmonds said that it "looked even better in person."

The former MLB star proclaimed that he had spent $2,000 for the products in his truck. As further evidence, he posted a photo of the register and the total of $2,055.98. Edmonds later gave a glimpse into his kitchen by showing a photo of his refrigerator, which was completely stocked with items.

Following his photos being posted on Instagram Stories, several users wanted to know how he had reached more than $2,000 at Costco. They felt that it is easy enough to rack up a huge bill on an average Saturday, but they did calculations based on the items shown in the bed of his truck. In the opinion of a few Twitter users, the former MLB star had either made some bad decisions, or he had secretly purchased a TV.

"So Jim Edmonds has Covid? Did he give it to everyone at Costco? [What the f—]!!!!!" one Twitter user wrote on Saturday afternoon. The former Cardinals star revealed earlier in the day that he was undergoing testing for the coronavirus, which led to concerns that he had unknowingly been infecting other shoppers.

There were some users on social media concerned that Edmonds had been asymptomatic during his shopping trip, which led to some criticism on Saturday. However, there were others that wanted to make comments about him "bragging about his wealth."


"I'm not opposed to anyone's level of wealth. I do wish that people like Jim Edmonds though, would stop by a Food Bank to donate a portion of their CostCo truck-load. You know, support the people who supported the career that garnered your wealth," another individual wrote after seeing Edmonds' shopping haul. They also said that "flaunting wealth" was "FUGLY."

Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images