Jim Edmonds Cracks Coronavirus Joke as He Recovers From Illness

Former Los Angeles Angels star Jim Edmonds revealed on March 28 that he had been hospitalized and tested for COVID-19. He didn't have the results of the test at the time but has since been recovering. Edmonds provided a glimpse into his road back to health on his Instagram Stories and even took time to make a joke about the coronavirus.

Edmonds posted a series of videos on his Instagram recently as a tour of his home. He showed off his pool area, outdoor patio, kitchen and several other areas of the house. It was during this tour that he referenced the coronavirus. Edmonds showed a mess near his dining room table and wrote: "looks like some aliens or the virus is joining us for dinner."

Following tests during his hospitalization, Edmonds revealed that he was dealing with multiple issues. He provided an update via his Instagram Stories and clarified that he had tested positive for the coronavirus and pneumonia.

"I did test positive for pneumonia, and I did get a test back positive for the virus," Edmonds said in one of his Stories. "I am completely symptom-free now and doing really well, so I must have had it for a while before I got tested." He also offered advice to those not taking quarantine seriously.

"If you don't feel good, go to the doctor or go to the emergency room if you can't breathe. That's what happened to me," Edmonds said. "They didn't want to test me, and I forced them to take me into the emergency room, and, lo and behold, pneumonia and the virus. So, don't take it lightly, take care of yourselves. There's no medicine, there's no nothing, but rest, and that's all I've been doing."


The four-time All-Star is currently quarantined at his home in St. Louis, along with his oldest daughter, Hayley. The 22-year-old hadn't displayed any symptoms of the coronavirus when he provided an update on his Instagram stories, but the situation has since changed. Hayley posted an update on her account and confirmed that she had tested positive as well.

"Finally got my test results back. I have tested positive for COVID-19," Hayey said. "I had to wait a full week to even get an appointment to be tested, so now I'm almost symptom-free." She thanked those that had reached out with support and said that "this thing is no joke."