January Jones Gushes Over 'Future Boyfriend' Kawhi Leonard on Instagram

Mad Men star January Jones just turned some heads with her Instagram Stories. She posted photos of Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard and did not hold back. She referred to the NBA star as her "future boyfriend."

Eagle-eyed Instagram users spotted the posts and quickly took screenshots. They posted the evidence on Twitter and made comments about Jones "shooting her shot." The first image showed a sweaty Leonard with a towel draped around his neck. Jones captioned the photo with several heart eye emojis and wrote "future boyfriend??" The second told Leonard to call her.

Jones made the posts on social media following a game between the Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks. The Los Angeles team took care of business and secured the 126-111 victory while Leonard led the team with 29 points and 38 minutes. This game kept the Clippers in the Western Conference's second seed.

"I love that she tagged the Clippers," one Twitter user commented on social media. Others agreed with this sentiment and said that they would love to see the team's social media person first noticing Jones' posts. However, other Twitter users had different questions about potential fallout from the Instagram posts.

As several people pointed out, Leonard has a longtime partner in Kishele Shipley. The couple has reportedly been together since 2014 — although details about the start of the relationship are scarce. They also have two children together — daughter Kaliyah and son Mark.

While some fans respected the boldness of Jones' posts, others were more upset. They expressed unhappiness about the Mad Men star shooting her shot and gushing over a "taken man." The conversations continued as Twitter users continued to laugh about the surprising posts on social media.

Jones may have told Leonard to call her, but he likely didn't see the posts. He does not have any social media profiles and is known for shying away from fame. He further explained this mindset during a 2019 press conference when he told reporters that he doesn't want to have the notoriety of LeBron James or Steph Curry.


"I'm not playing the game for that reason," Leonard said. "I'm out here playing to have fun and trying to be the best player I can be. I'm happy with myself and what I've done in my career, and I'm just going to keep going from there. It's not about me being famous or wanting to have more fame than those guys. It's about me playing basketball and having fun on the floor."