Jamie Foxx Visits Dallas Cowboys Training Camp

There is no denying the attraction of America's Team. With the Dallas Cowboys taking part in training camp in Oxnard, California, it was only a matter of time before some local celebrities began appearing on the sidelines. After all, owner Jerry Jones has built this team into arguably the most popular franchise in the entire NFL.

Well, the expectations were fulfilled on Tuesday when a famous face made an appearance at practice. Actor Jamie Foxx was seen roaming the sidelines in full Cowboys regalia, showing off his fandom for the world to see. Foxx also found time to chat with newly-acquired wide receiver Randall Cobb, properly welcoming him to the team.

Foxx is a familiar face among the Cowboys considering that he is one of the many celebrity fans that root for America's team. He has been attending training camp practices for years and will continue to do so as the Cowboys return to Oxnard each summer.

According to SportsDay, the man who portrayed Ray Charles once dreamed of playing quarterback for the Cowboys, but he ultimately transitioned into acting after graduating. However, his love for the team never truly died.

Of course, Foxx isn't alone in his fandom. He is also joined by rapper Jay-Z, actress Eva Longoria, comedian Chris Rock, and point guard Chris Paul. Although these are only a few names on the lengthy list of Cowboys celebrity supporters.

In fact, one of the more popular faces to grace the sidelines of a Cowboys game is retired MMA fighter, Conor McGregor. He was on hand for a mid-October battle against the Jacksonville Jaguars, throwing passes and trying to convince Jerry Jones to host a UFC event in the massive stadium. He also provided a pregame speech for the ages.

Apparently, McGregor properly fired up the team as the Cowboys came out and easily defeated the Jaguars, 40-7. Dak Prescott had one of his best games of the season with two total touchdowns, and running back Ezekiel Elliott added more than 100 rushing yards and a score of his own. McGregor and Elliott were even seen partying at a nightclub after the game.


Foxx hasn't been seen partying with Prescott or Cobb following a big victory, but that doesn't mean that his love for this team is less than McGregor's. He has been supporting this team for years on end, even during the rough years in which Dallas struggled to string together victories.

Now, however, the Cowboys are viewed as a contender to appear in Super Bowl LIV. If this happens, it's guaranteed that Foxx will be in the building for the Big Game.