Impact Wrestling Star Eddie Edwards Talks Being a 'Villain' for First Time in Career (Exclusive)

Eddie Edwards has put together a legendary career at Impact Wrestling as he's won the World Championship two times, the Tag Team Championship five times and the X Division Championship twice. And while he's been a babyface for his entire career, the 38-year-old is currently playing a heel character and is the leader of the stable Honor No More. In an exclusive interview with, Edwards talked about how much he enjoys doing something completely different in his career. 

"It's something that I welcome because I always wanted to do something different and it's very different going out there and don't want the crowd to cheer you," Edwards told PopCulture. "You're getting the boos and you're getting the 'Eddie sucks' chants versus the 'Eddie' chants. It's very different, but I'm having a lot of fun doing it. I really enjoy this chance to try something new and see what we can do and get creative in different ways as to the way I was used to. And I did it. I did it for so long. I was the good guy, the heart and soul of Impact, the flag bearer proudly, but now is a chance to flip the script and try to make myself a villain versus being the hero."

The stable Honor No More features stars that competed in the wrestling promotion Ring of Honor. Along with Edwards, the group includes Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, PCO, Vincent and Kenny King. Honor No More is having success as Bennet and Taven are the reigning Impact Tag Team Champions, and Edwards will battle Impact World Champion Josh Alexander for the title at Bound for Glory on Oct. 7. 

"It's something completely different, but something, an opportunity that I welcome because it was stepping outside a comfort zone, it's trying something new," Edwards said when asked about joining Honor No More. "It's a unique opportunity where all of us in the group, we all have the same mentality. We all want Honor No More to succeed. We want Impact wrestling to succeed but we want Honor No More to be the best that we can be. And we do it collectively, there's no egos and nobody's being selfish within the group. We all have that same goal. Where if we go out to the ring, we have the match, we all take part. We all have ideas for stuff in the back."

On Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 24, Edwards and the rest of the Impact Wrestling stars will be in Nashville for Victory Road and Victory Road Fallout. Nashville is special to Impact as its the city that hosted the first Impact show in 2002 and this year's Slammiversary which celebrated the company's 20th anniversary. 

"There's so much history between this company in Nashville and they always will forever be linked together, which it's an amazing thing to have with the city, like Nashville," Edwards said. "And for us, we're filming at Skyway Studios where during the pandemic, that was our home, that's where we're doing from the shows with no crowd there. So it's fun to go back to the Skyway Studios and be able to fit as many people as we can in one of those studios. And one of the best things about that place is when you have people in there, they're right on top of you, they're up, they're basically up against the ring, jam-packed as many people as we can get in there. And I feel like it's a great place to watch professional wrestling."