EA Sports' New College Football Video Game Receives Major Update

The new college football video game by EA Sports is making moves. Matt Brown, the founder of Extra Points, filed a series of Open Records Requests for updates that EA Sports or the Collegiate Licensing Corporation (CLC) were sending NCAA Schools about the game in March of 2021. At that time, the update was the game was set to be released in July of 2023. Additional record requests also turned up an update from CLC management dated Feb. 25 of this year stating "game development is in full swing, and the launch goal remains summer of 2023."

The new game was officially announced in Feb. 2021 with the title of the game being EA Sports College Football. It's been since 2014 EA Sports produced a college football video game. The return comes as college athletics has welcomed Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) where athletes are earning compensation for endorsement deals.

"We've heard from the millions of passionate fans requesting the return of college football video games," said Cam Weber, EA SPORTS EVP and GM. "We love the energy, tradition and pageantry of college football and I am beyond thrilled to say we are back in development. We have a lot of really exciting work ahead of us, and a great team that is eager to bring a new game to players in the next couple of years."

"We're very excited to collaborate with EA SPORTS to bring back the college football franchise, one of the most popular collegiate licensed products in our history," said Cory Moss, CLC CEO. "The college football video game connects passionate fans to college brands and introduces new fans to the storied traditions, excitement, and game day experience that make college football unique."


Back in September of last year, PopCulture.com spoke to Steve Schnur, the president of music for Electronic Arts, and he teased what fans can expect from EA Sports College Football. "I'm a hundred percent on it. I've already been all over it for a couple of months," Schnur said and the time. "I can tell you that it will be very different for Madden, but it's going to be so awesome because I have had an idea, a concept of what I imagined would be the most amazing college football musical experience."