Dennis Rodman's Daughter Trinity Picked 2nd in NWSL Draft

Dennis Rodman's daughter is now officially a member of the National Women's Soccer League. On Wednesday, Trinity Rodman, 18, was selected No. 2 overall by the Washington Spirit in the NWSL Draft. She was a finalist for U.S. Soccer's Young Female Player of the Year and performed well in the 2020 CONCACAF U20 Women's Championship last March, scoring eight goals with six assists.

"To even just be in the draft with my situation and my age is insane, but to be No. 2 to an amazing team is out of this world, like I couldn't ask for anything more," Rodman said, as reported by ESPN. "D.C. has just got an awesome program, awesome team. The coach [Richie Burke] is amazing. I've talked to him a couple times. I know he's a hard head coach, but I'm so excited to be his player and learn and get better."

Rodman enrolled at Washington State, but the team didn't play due to the 2020 collegiate season being postponed until the spring. And while she knows how great an NBA player her father was, Rodman is ready to make a name for herself in the pro soccer world.

"He was an amazing athlete, and I got those genes from him, but I'm excited to be known as Trinity Rodman and not just as Rodman's daughter," she said. "I'm excited to pave my own path and get better throughout this journey." Before enrolling at Washington State, Rodman was committed to UCLA. Her older brother, DJ, is a member of the basketball team, and she had no plans of leaving California.


“Once DJ went to Washington, I told my mom I’m not leaving California, I’m not going to Washington because she was pushing me, she wanted us at the same school,” Rodman told Pac-12 Network host Ashley Adamson, as reported by the Seattle Times. "… Then I went up to DJ’s school, I got to meet the soccer team, I got to see one of their games, I got to see DJ at school doing his thing and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I want to be here.'"

Dennis Rodman, 59, and his ex-wife Michelle Moyer, 54, welcomed Trinity in 2002, one year after they welcomed DJ. Rodman and Moyer got married in 2003 but filed for divorce in 2005. The former Detroit Piston and Chicago Bulls star has another daughter, Alexis Rodman, 33, from a previous relationship.