David Arquette's Wrestling Career Is Subject of New Documentary

In 2018, actor-turned-wrestler David Arquette embarked on a journey to take part in matches across the independent circuit. The former WCW champion captured footage of this journey, as well as matches against Ken Anderson and Nick Cage, for an upcoming documentary. You Cannot Kill David Arquette is the final product and puts his wrestling career on full display.

"One last time, I have to prove myself," Arquette says at one point in the trailer. He also explains his return to the ring by commenting on his public persona. He mentions that fans view him as "a joke" or as disrespect to professional wrestling. The return to the independent circuit was his opportunity to prove himself.

As the trailer shows, there are no stunt doubles in professional wrestling. Arquette puts his body through various levels of abuse during the short clip, often resulting in bloody cuts. He also emphasizes that he actually did jump off the roof of a car and tackle another wrestler in the middle of the highway.

One of the other matches that takes center stage in the film is the infamous deathmatch against ex-con Nick Cage. Arquette took the match on two day's notice. He expected injuries but not to the extent that he suffered. Arquette took a bottle to the head and dealt with cuts from a pizza cutter.

However, the match took a dangerous turn after Cage smashed fluorescent lights over Arquette's head. The former actor went for a double-leg takedown and accidentally cut a hole in his neck on the way down to the mat. Arquette left the ring clutching his neck to prevent blood loss and a fatal injury.

"I was so freaked out. I thought it hit my jugular and that I was dying," Arquette told The Ringer in March. "But once I knew I wasn't dying immediately, I went back in and tried to finish it." He ultimately returned to the ring after receiving five stitches.


David Darg and Price James directed You Cannot Kill David Arquette. The film features appearances by Rosanna and Patricia Arquette, David's sisters, as well as his ex-wife Courtney Cox. The film also shows Arquette taking part in training with fellow wrestling legends Ric Flair and Diamond Dallas Page.

While Arquette became more of a household name due to his marriage to Cox and appearances in the Scream franchise, he also won a WCW championship. He got into the ring in 2000 to promote his wrestling film Ready to Rumble and won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He later lost the title after a 12-day reign.