Danica Patrick Shares Health Update After Removing Breast Implants

Danica Patrick had her breast implants removed last week and just shared an update on her health. The 40-year-old former NASCAR star recently appeared on Good Morning America and said she is feeling "amazing" since the procedure. She explained why she got breast implants in the first place. 

"I did it 'cause I wanted to be more perfect. What's perfect, right? I wanted the whole package. I wanted to have it all," Patrick explained on GMA, per Entertainment Tonight. "I felt like I was very fit and I thought, 'Well, but I just don't have boobs.' It's, like, what's having it all? What is that?"  

Patrick got the breast implants in November 2014, and as the years went by she noticed some health issues. Patrick believed she was suffering from breast implant illness after doing her share of research. "It's usually that their bodies have this kind of chronic inflammatory response to this thing, this implant, so your body's fighting something just like if it had an infection," Patrick's doctor, Dr. Shaun Parson, told GMA of people with the illness. "I have seen too many times people get better after you remove their implants, and I think we have work to do to try to figure out why."

Shortly after the implants were removed, Patrick quickly noticed that was feeling better. In an Instagram post, Patrick wrote, "My face had more color and less dark circles... my face started producing oil again, I could take a 30 percent deeper breath into my chest already, and I had so much energy when I woke up."

On GMA, Patrick said she is open about having the procedure and having it done because of her age. "Life is a series of lessons. I think that age does play a role. I think becoming more mature, becoming more confident, having more life experiences, and really realizing that, no matter what you do, it's all an inside job," she said. "My journey's not even over. This is week one... There's going to be tons of testing that still happens. There's going to be physical changes, on the inside and outside, that I'm happy to share. I'm going to want to share with people." Patrick last competed in NASCAR in 2018. She has the highest finish for a woman in the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500.