Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions Halftime Show Goes Dark After Outage, and Social Media Is Mad

NFL fans got quite the shock today during the Chicago Bears versus Detroit Lions game Thursday afternoon as the event's Halftime Show, which featured country music duo, The Brothers Osborne, went completely dark after the stadium suffered a power outage. Fans have been commenting on the blackout on social media, and many of them are mad about it interfering with their Thanksgiving game-watching festivities.

"Detroit: They can't even do a halftime show properly. It's probably for the best," wrote one fan, while another added, "The Brothers Osborne halftime show endured a power outage. What the hell."

"They halftime performance had a false start [I don't know] how that even happens," someone else joked, with another person quipping that it would result in a "10 yard penalty."

"This is the turning point. Trubisky's throwing 5 TDs in the second half confirmed," one other user commented.

"The power outage has been the best part of the #Lions vs. #Bears game," one viewer tweeted.

"Concerned that the halftime power outage was actually a shift in the space-time continuum, and the @Lions start playing like Lions again," another said jokingly.

At least one user stated that there was "no power outage" and that what happened was actually "on Fox's end." The individual added, "I'm at the game power never went out."


Some users were not concerned with the power outage, but wondered why a country music act was chosen as the Halftime Show performers for a game in Detroit, an area famous for being the home of Motown.

"A halftime show in Detroit, home of Motown and great blues music and they put a country act on. Blasphemy," one user said in jest.