Charlotte Flair Reveals Why She's Taking Time off WWE Television

Charlotte Flair had to set the record straight when it comes to why she's taken time off of WWE television. It was reported that Flair is having surgery and she could be out for a few months. On Twitter, the former WWE champion explained why she's having surgery, and it involves suffering from silicone poisoning from her breast implants back in 2018.

"Picture it. Charlotte, North Carolina, 2018. A young queen, shortly after a career defining Wrestlemania victory, finds herself sicker than sick at her brother’s house," she wrote in one of a series of tweets. She went to say that she had silicone poising and her impact has been "leaking for quite some time." She was given a "few options to fix the issue" and chose the one that allowed her to return to the ring the fastest. However, the same issue happened again a few months ago, and Flair will have the procedure that requires a longer recovery period. Flair said this time she does not have silicone poisoning. The procedure she's going through will be to fix an issue from the previous surgery.

"I’ll be back when I’m ready," Flair wrote in her final Tweet. "The body will be rested, and the mind still focused on legacy. Focused on this job. Focused on being better. Always being better." With Flair out of action, WWE will be out two of its biggest female stars. In May, Becky Lynch had to relinquish the Raw Women's Championship after announcing her pregnancy. If Lynch returns, she'll be back sometime next year. Flair didn't announce when's she's coming back, but some time off wouldn't hurt her as she's been working constantly the last couple of years.

And while Flair is one of WWE's top stars, there are a few fans who are happy to see her off TV as they complain she's always getting a shot a championship. Flair has heard those comments from fans and is not apologizing for her success.

"I see, I hear, and I read what people say about me. That I'm entitled," Flair said on an episode of Raw Talk last month. "That I'm always in the title picture. Here's the thing, I am the only person that shows up to work 365 days a year. I'm never sick. I'm never hurt. I am the hardest working person in this company. Flair is a 12-time champion in WWE and the daughter of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.