Brooks Laich Shows off Lake Life During Buttery Bros YouTube Documentary

Former NHL player Brooks Laich has spent time away from civilization during the COVID-19 pandemic while living in Northern Idaho. Now he has provided a glimpse into a week in his life on the lake. Laich took center stage during a YouTube documentary by The Buttery Bros — filmmakers Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers.

The roughly 30-minute video put Laich's lake life on full display and featured several question-and-answer segments while the trio did GOWOD — a mobility routine used by CrossFit athletes. Laich explained that he wants to be remembered for love and that he has goals of being the best husband and father. Additionally, Laich explained that he bought his lake house intending to create a place where people could congregate and spend time in the sun. He did just that with Cannon and Sawyers while answering questions about his "NFL" career.

"This is my heart, my home," Laich says in the video. "I love lake life. I grew up camping, hunting, fishing and I bought this place in Northern Idaho in 2014. I was still playing hockey at the time, but I knew that after hockey was over, I wanted to spend my life on a lake. I wanted to fish, hike, golf, water ski, wake surf — all that fun stuff. Build a place where people could congregate."

During the days at the lake house, the former hockey player showed Cannon and Sawyers how to properly do a "gainer." This move is a type of backflip, which Laich performs off the roof of his boathouse. He runs and jumps off the roof before throwing his body into a backflip and landing in the water. Laich is well-versed in the move, but both Cannon and Sawyers had to work at it before finding success.

When they weren't swimming or jumping off boathouses, Laich was showing his guests how to properly catch and fillet a fish, chop wood or groom chest hair. However, there were a healthy number of workouts included in the week of activities.


Interestingly enough, one of the people on hand at the lake house was Derek Hough — the brother of Laich's ex-wife, Julianne Hough. Derek took part in lakeside workouts and raced Cannon and the other people. He also took part in some wake surfing out on the Idaho lake.

Laich previously drew attention for heading to Idaho while Hough remained in Los Angeles, but a rep told PEOPLE that living a life in nature makes the former NHL star happy. Laich proved this during the week with The Buttery Bros. He enjoyed food, workouts and outdoor activities with a group of people while showing off his lakeside home.