Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Quits Fight, Crowd Lashes out by Throwing Debris at Him

Boxer Julio Cesar Chavez called it quits during a recent match, citing illegal moves by his opponent, Daniel Jacobs. This decision was made following the fifth round of his bout at Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Boxing fans in attendance responded to Chavez quitting by booing loudly. Many threw debris at him from the stands.

As a video taken from the crowd showed, boxing fans were throwing water bottles and other garbage toward the boxing ring in an effort to show their anger. Chavez had to be escorted out of the arena as fans continued throwing garbage in his direction.

According to ESPN's Dan Rafael, there were roughly 10,000 fans in the arena, many of which were angered by Chavez calling it quits after only a few rounds. Rafael also reported that the boxer said this decision was made due to a broken nose suffered during the bout.

"I was getting close but got head-butted above the left eye," Chavez said. "Then I had problems because of all the blood. I came over to the corner and couldn't breathe. He elbowed me and head-butted me. Very tough fight. I felt I couldn't go because I couldn't breathe properly. The ref wasn't calling anything.

"I apologize to the fans. I'd love to have a rematch. I got head-butted. He fought a dirty fight, and [the referee] didn't even take a point away. He would have been able to continue doing the dirty work."

This is actually the second time in his career that Chavez has quit mid-bout. Back in 2015, he threw the towel following the ninth round of a match with Andrzej Fonfara.

Chavez's lawyer, Miguel Leff, told ESPN that the boxer would have to undergo reconstructive surgery following the bout and will be hospitalized for 24 hours.

Chavez started his career 48-1-1 but has since gone 3-3 in his past six bouts. There are now concerns about whether or not he could generate more high-profile matches in the future given that he has quit twice.

Jacobs responded to his opponent quitting, saying that he understands that the fans are unhappy. He also mentioned that he had to be protected from flying beer cans as he exited the arena. This put a sour note on the win for Jacobs.

"I am comfortable with the victory. Obviously, they won't let me enjoy it," Jacobs said. "I know they're not mad at me. They're mad at Chavez, but I did my part."


Photo Credit: Leon Bennett/Getty