Beloved Wrestler Retires, Citing Online Harassment

A well-known pro wrestler is calling it a career. Himeka (Himeka Arita) recently announced that she is retiring from professional wrestling. She currently competes in Stardom, and her last match will be on April 23 against Maika. The two are part of the stable Donna Del Mondo with Thekla and Mai Sakurai. One reason Himeka is retiring is the online harassment she has received.

"I have decided to retire from pro-wrestling. As for the reason, if I were to speak about it, there are many details I could go on forever about. The detailed reason is when I had debuted in at the age of 20 I had decided that after five years, when I turned 25, if I was in a position I was comfortable with, I would retire. Well, to be honest, I haven't achieved any of my goals like a singles belt or the things I wanted to do but when I look back at the last five years I am shining the most I ever have so I have no regrets," she said, per Slam Wrestling.   

Stardom also shared more information about Himeka's retirement. "Himeka has announced that she will retire from pro wrestling on April 23 at Yokohama Arena," Stardom tweeted, per Wreslting Inc. "She wants to face Maika in a singles match, for her retirement match. A retirement ceremony will take place on May 14 at Korakuen Hall."

Himeka began her professional wrestling career in 2017 working on the independent circuit. She joined Stardom in 2020 after spending time in multiple promotions including New Japan and Pro Wrestling Wave. During her time in Stardom, Himeka won the Goddes of Stardom Championship with Maika and the Artist of Stardom Championship with Maika and Natsupoi. 

People on social media shared their thoughts on Himeka's retirement One person wrote: "It's sad and aggravating to hear about this. But all things considered, she's doing what she believes is best for her well-being. I hope that Himeka finds happiness whatever she does next."

"Just awful," another Twitter user said. "I mean, on one hand, I'm glad she just stepped away instead of seeing something awful like what happened with Hana happen. But it shouldn't ever come to that."