'Bad News Bears' Star Gets Married in Las Vegas Ceremony Officiated by Gene Simmons Impersonator

Quinn Smith, the actor behind Timmy Lupus in The Bad News Bears, just got married. The child [...]

Quinn Smith, the actor behind Timmy Lupus in The Bad News Bears, just got married. The child actor, who is now 50 years old, tied the knot with Jessica Arnoldi during a ceremony on October 22nd inside the Little Neon Chapel in Las Vegas. The wedding featured a unique theme in that a Gene Simmons impersonator officiated.

According to The Blast, the ceremony featured several celebrities, both real and fake. A Las Vegas version of Elvis Presley walked the bride down the aisle while Simmons conducted the ceremony. Additionally, Donna D'Errico (Baywatch), Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade), James Maslow (Big Time Rush) and Lou Pizarro (Operation Repo) all attended the ceremony. Even KISS alum Bruce Kulick, was on hand to watch the couple tie the knot.

The Blast also reports that Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish sent a video message to the happy couple on the day of their wedding. She reportedly said that "age is just a number" due to Jessica being 23 years old. Arnoldi originally proposed on Sept. 4, the same day that Big Time Rush star James Maslow sent Jessica a birthday video message. Maslow also reportedly encouraged her to say "yes" to the wedding proposal.

Released in 1976, The Bad News Bears stars Walter Matthau as Morris Buttermaker. The aging, down-on-his-luck minor league player becomes the coach of a misfit team. His goal is to lead them to success in the ultra-competitive California little league. Arnoldi, who used the stage name Quinn Smith, played Lupus. Other stars included Jackie Earle Haley, Tatum O'Neal and Vic Morrow.

Upon its release, The Bad News Bears became a beloved film for many viewers and sparked praise from critics. The baseball comedy has a critical rating in the high 90s, per Rotten Tomatoes. Similarly, the audience rating is in the 80s. "The Bad News Bears is rude, profane, and cynical, but shot through with honest, unforced humor, and held together by a deft, understated performance from Walter Matthau," the popular movie review website states.

While viewers and critics alike loved the original, they had very different opinions about the remake. In 2005, Billy Bob Thornton and Greg Kinnear joined a project that retold the story from 1976. Thornton played coach Morris Buttermaker but failed to reach the same heights as Matthau. The 2005 version of Bad News Bears registered scores in the 40s from both critics and audiences alike.