Atlanta Wrestling School Boots Wrestler for Posting Insanely Racist TikTok Video

Jay Hunter, an independent wrestler from Atlanta, has been kicked out of a wrestling promotion for a racist video posted on TikTok. World Wrestling Alliance announced they have terminated their association with Hunter, whose real name is Jeffrey Hume, for a video he filmed with Stephanie Freeman. Both were seniors at Carrollton High School in Georgia, but they were expelled and won't be allowed to graduate.

"We at The WWA4 do not condone racism," the company said in a statement. "As of 4/16/2020, Jeffery Hume's (Jay Hunter) WWA4 membership was terminated. We pride ourselves on being diverse, welcoming everyone. We are utterly disappointed, appalled, and disgusted. We welcome all races, sexes, religions and creeds." Hunter competed in several matches for WWA4, which is operated by AR Fox. He also competed in Victory Championship Wrestling, but that promotion also cut ties with him.

"Effective immediately, Jay Hunter (Jeffery Hume) has been released by VCW and will no longer appear on our programming moving forward," Victory Championship Wrestling said in a statement, per 411 Mania. VCW demands the highest standards of professionalism from our locker room. We are an equal opportunity employer and value the diversity, talent, and abilities of our wrestlers to provide family-friendly competition and entertainment to our fans at live events, TV, and on the Internet."

The video is 50 seconds long and it was viewed so many times, "Carrollton" was trending on Twitter, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The N-word is used at the beginning of the video, and then it goes on to make fun of black people. Carrollton City Schools Superintendent, Carl Albertus, released a statement once he was made aware of the video.


"Tonight it has been brought to my attention that an inappropriate video was created on the TikTok social media platform," Albertus said. "Please know that this video has been addressed immediately and any student involved in the production of this video will face serious consequences ... This type of behavior will not be tolerated. This incident does not reflect the culture of Carrollton City Schools. We are very proud of our diversity and so is our entire community. We don't need to lose sight of this important attribute because of the actions of a few."

Hunter has since deleted his Twitter account. Freeman apologized for her actions, and she said Hunter was the one who is "racist," according to Blavity. She then deleted the posts defending her actions, and she criticized people for calling her out on the video.