Antonio Brown's Ex Chelsie Kyriss Claims He Would Leave Her and Their Kids 'For Weeks/Months at a Time'

Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown has been making his split with Chelsie Kyriss public in recent days, posting about their life on Instagram and Twitter. In a series of heated messages, Brown accused his ex of cheating on him and trying to hit his pockets for money. Kyriss has since responded, and she has pointed out areas where she feels Brown fell short as a partner and as a father to their children.

Wednesday afternoon, Kyriss posted a series of messages on Instagram Stories, accusing Brown of leaving her and their three kids for long stretches at a time. Brown has been known for flying around the world on a private plane, and Kyriss is now alleging that he did so without discussing the matter with her.

"One thing I don't do is cheat," she wrote on Instagram. "You left me and the kids multiple times honey with no explanation for weeks/months at a time! Now you make up some lame a– story I have receipts for that too but I'm let my attorney handle it."

Kyriss also brought up Brown's social media habits and the attention that he gets on a daily basis after posting a variety of photos and messages.

"Keep selling it for the views!" she wrote while adding a laughing face emoji.

To cap off the messages on her Instagram account, Kyriss referenced Brown's recent trend of writing "#nowhitewoman2020." Her version, however, was slightly different. Kyriss wrote "#NOTHINGBUTLOVE2020" at the end of her Wednesday post.

Brown's ex in Kyriss had previously stated that she was going to keep quiet despite having pictures that could "end his entire life." The situation changed, however, with the former New England Patriots receiver continuing to post about her on both Twitter and Instagram.

With the messages about her driving around in a Bentley, as well as Brown publicly posting his lawyer's letter to her, Kyriss appears to be firing back at her ex. Although she will be letting her lawyer handle the interactions instead of posting private details on Instagram.


Brown and Kyriss have been on and off throughout their relationship despite having three children together. The receiver once left her for an Instagram model, Jena Frumes, but the couple later got back together. They had been seemingly happy from that point forward, but the recent weeks have changed the tone of the now-defunct relationship.

(Photo Credit: Eric Espada/Getty Images)