Angel Cabrera Extradited for Allegedly Assaulting Multiple Women

Former PGA Champion Angel Cabrera was extradited from Brazil to Argentina this week to face trial [...]

Former PGA Champion Angel Cabrera was extradited from Brazil to Argentina this week to face trial on charges he assaulted three women, according to the Associated Press. Cabrera has been in jail since January after Brazil police arrested him on an Interpol warrant. He has spent months on the run from a case involving assault claims filed by his former girlfriend Cecilia Torres Mana. Cabrera's ex-wife Silva Rivadero and another former girlfriend, Micaela Escudero, also filed charges against the golf pro, and the cases were unified.

According to Argentinian TV, Cabrera was handed over to local authorities on the border of Puerto Iguazu. He was transported to his native Cordoba on Wednesday and will face trial in July. Torres Mana recently talked about Caberea and revealed that he was very controlling when they were together.

"We have to stop him so he leaves us at peace. He thinks you are his for the rest of your life and that you have to take the attacks and constant humiliation," she said. Cabrera traveled to the U.S. in July 2020 without permission. That led to prosecutors in Cordoba issuing an international arrest warrant.

When Cabrera was arrested in January, he was charged for several crimes which allegedly started in 2016. The police statement said the arrest was authorized by Brazil's top court, and Cabrera was charged with assault, illegal intimidation and repeated disrespect to authorities. Rivadero filed two charges against Cabrera while Torres claimed that Cabrera punched her, threatened her and attempted to run her over with his car in 2016.

Cabrera, 51, won two major tournaments while on the PGA Tour. In 2007, Cabrera won the U.S. Open, and in 2009, Cabrera won the Masters Tournament. He came close to winning the Masters again in 2013 but lost to Adam Scott in a sudden-death playoff.

"I've been working hard a lot, before that," Cabrera said at the Masters in 2013 talking about his progressing as a golfer. "For two years I was having some injuries that were bothering me, and I got to that tournament already with a lot of work behind it." Overall, Cabrera has three wins in the PGA Tour. He was won five events in the European Tour and has won a total of 52 professional events dating back to 1989.