AJ Styles' Injury Status Updated Following WrestleMania Boneyard Match With Undertaker

AJ Styles had a rough night, to say the least, when it came to Saturday's Wrestlemania 36. He had the daunting task of going up against The Undertaker in a boneyard match. The pair's battle wound up being viewed by many as the best part of the event, but it ultimately left Styles in a great deal of pain as the lasting image of him saw his right hand sticking out of the patch of dirt he was "buried" in.

Rumors quickly began to swirl that Styles may have had a serious injury coming into the evening, which stemmed from the Royal Rumble. Seeing the beatdown by The Undertaker -- though Styles did get to throw him through a fence -- only fueled that rumor. It turns out, though, that that may not be the case. Dave Meltzer, who co-hosts Wrestling Observer Radio, noted that their was no prior injury for Styles and that he is healthy.

While Styles may have all his bones and limbs in check, although his Wikipedia page saw an interesting update shortly after his Wrestlemania match, fans may have to wait a little to see him back in the ring. With the way their match ended, Styles may end up feeding into that storyline for a little while, according to Meltzer.

"AJ is probably selling it for a little while but AJ is way too valuable and not hurt," he explained. "Like if AJ was going to get surgery, I could have seen like, 'Okay, AJ is getting surgery and this was the write-off.' That was not it. AJ is not injured. That was just the finish that they went with and now he's got to live through this somehow and be unburied alive."

The two put on a show for the ages as many viewers voiced their satisfaction in the unique fight. One user even went as far to say it will "live in history."

"That was AMAZING," the tweet read. "This Undertaker/AJ Styles Boneyard match will live in history as one of the most inventive, captivating ideas WWE ever brought to life. SO many layers of 'Taker on show. I can't praise the execution enough - perfect for our crazy wrestling world."

Fans who missed Wrestlemania 36 live can head over to the WWE Network and with a subscription, be able to watch the entertaining action.


Photo Credit: Etsuo Hara/Getty Images