AEW Wrestler to Star in New Lifetime Movie

An All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star is entering the Lifetime movie universe. According to the Tampa Bay Times, The Bunny (real name Laura Dennis) shot a Lifetime movie called Bad Tenant in Tampa Bay from late October through early November. The movie also stars Maryana Dvorska and is about a homeowner renting a room to a music manager who turns out to be a con man. Earlier this month, The Bunny posted a photo of her on set and taking part in the local film commission's campaign to promote the Florida Gulf Coast Region. 

"They don't just want to bring movies here. They want movies that bring people here, and I support that," Bad Tenant producer David Yates told the Tampa Bay Times."People visit places they see on television and in movies. People visit places promoted by social media influencers. We combined the two with this movie." The Bunny plays a character named Axelle, a client of the music manager. The release date for Bad Tenant has not been announced. 

The Bunny, 35, joined AEW in 2019 after spending six years in Impact Wrestling under the name Allie. She has been out of action since April and revealed in June that she's been dealing with an injury. Last year, The Bunny appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast and talked about how she developed the Bunny character. 

"The Bunny is a combination of a lot of different things. I love horror movies. It's my favorite genre, she said, per "I like to draw things out of characters that I've seen, and take little pieces of that. One of my inspirations for The Bunny is the character from A House of 100 Corpses, and The Devil's Rejects. There is a character called Baby. I drew a little inspiration from her. I drew some inspiration from another TV show that I love called The Vampire Diaries. There's a character called Katherine. She's a very interesting character, so I took some from that."


The Bunny continued: "I also took a lot, believe it or not, from my own experience and my own life. I took all of that and threw it into The Bunny because I feel like when you're a character, there has to be some authenticity there. There has to be some real-life there or it's going to come across as completely fake."