Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick Exchange Sweet Valentine's Day Tributes on Instagram

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and retired professional race car driver Danica Patrick have been turning heads with their relationship. Fans of the two professional athletes love to keep up via Instagram posts, and Valentine's Day was no exception. They were delighted to find mutual messages to love between the happy couple.

Patrick posted a photo on Instagram that showed her and Rodgers walking on the beach while watching a sunset over the ocean. Their dogs were along for the trip and were examining all of the intriguing scents of the beach.

"Walking through life with you is my favorite thing to do. [heart emoji] happy love day," Patrick wrote in the caption of her photo. Rodgers responded with a post of his own that showed them together at various points of their relationship.

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"The best couple after Jim and Pam," one Instagram user wrote while referencing the popular sitcom, The Office. Others chimed in by saying that the celebrity couple should celebrate Valentine's Day by tying the knot.

"A great way to enjoy Valentine's Day is to marry each other," one fan added to the conversation. They wanted to make their point very clear about Rodgers and Patrick's relationship.

Interestingly enough, these fans are not the only ones clamoring for the two to tie the knot. One of Rodgers' teammates also made a similar plea in the week leading up to Super Bowl LIV.

Za'Darius Smith, an offseason acquisition of the Green Bay Packers, told TMZ that Patrick is a "lovely lady" and that Rodgers needs to propose. Smith also said that the former professional race car driver is "the one" for the quarterback of his team.

"Look, 12, I know I'm on TMZ," Smith said while enjoying Super Bowl festivities in Miami. "But, man, most definitely, you should marry that lady! Marry her!"

Rodgers and Patrick have been together for more than two years after they confirmed that the relationship was official in January 2018. They have been frequently spotted together at races, NBA games, and at the ESPYs award show.

While the power couple may not have announced any impending nuptials, they have made a big purchase together. They bought a $28 million 4,636-square-foot mansion in Malibu. This doesn't guarantee a wedding, but the fans are hoping that the purchase was simply a precursor. For now, however, the happy couple will simply exchange Valentine's Day messages with each other.


Photo Credit: Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images