New Aaron Hernandez Sexuality Details Revealed, According to Ex-Teammate

Former New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez was dealing with a lot before he passed away in 2017. He was in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd, which eventually led him to take his own life. And while some of the issues Hernandez was dealing with during his childhood has been revealed, there's more to the story than the problems he had with his parents.

A former teammate of Herandez spoke to PEOPLE about his sexuality and he revealed that he had relationships with both men and women while attending the University of Florida. The teammate said: "He wanted to be the big man on campus who was having sex with a lot of women, but then he'd find guys on the down low. The girls were public, the guys were not."

The teammate also talked about his anger issues. "Everything about Aaron was a struggle. He had these really angry outbursts a lot, over insignificant things. And when he started, he couldn't stop," he said.

The struggles continued when Hernandez was in prison. In the book, Aaron Hernandez Killing Fields, a letter is published that is allegedly written by Hernandez to his alleged prison lover Kyle Kennedy.

"I just wanted to tell you this morning that I love you," the letter said. "You never have to question us. I will stop questioning you and us. I realized through our thing over the past few days how much I love you and how much I want you and us. Mainly how I want you [to] know what real love, real loyalty is, and to experience someone who is with you through all in life."

The letter continued with Hernandez claiming he's dealing with a number of personal issues.

"You told me you didn't want to be on the block anymore," it said. "Did you really mean that? I mean, I've said way worse, so I understand, but still, it made me almost hang myself. I can't even imagine them separating us. I'll feel like I'm missing all of me. F— half of me. I love you that much. I just wanted you to begin this day knowing how loved you are and that you have someone through it all in life."


Hernandez was a member of the Patriots from 2010-2012. In his three years with the team. Hernandez recorded 1,956 yards and 18 touchdowns.