76ers' Tobias Harris Speaks out After Suffering Left Eye Laceration Following Frightening Fall

Tobias Harris and the Philadelphia 76ers struggled throughout the first round of the playoffs, which led to them getting swept by the Boston Celtics. However, no 76ers fan is questioning the toughness of the 28-year-old power forward as he was able to take a nasty fall and still finish out the game. Harris suffered an eye laceration after landing directly on his head in the third quarter of Game 4 on Sunday. He jumped to contest a shot from Jayson Tatum who made contact with Harris' legs. Harris was not able to brace himself before he hit the court.

"I felt OK enough to go back out there and be able to try to do something to try to help us win," Harris said to reporters after the game. "I'd rather go down with my guys than sit in the back." Harris was able to walk off the court on his own power with a towel pressed against his head. Before he returned to the game, Harris was evaluated for a concussion.

Harris finished the game with 20 points in the loss, but as mentioned by Sporting News, the Tennessee alum averaged only 15.8 per game while shooting 39.2 percent from the floor. "It's tough to lose," Harris said. "Disappointed because as a competitor, you want to win and have a run. I feel as if we have enough talent to make a run. We just didn't get it done."

Ultimately, the 76ers' struggles led to head coach Brett Brown being fired. When asked about Brown, Harris put the blame on himself before the coaching staff. "Before anything, I take ownership of myself and trying to be a leader of this team and not being able to be successful in the playoffs," he said. "Before we go that way, ownership needs to come from an individual." Harris also said he "will look myself in the mirror and be better for my team and be able to lead my team in a better way." Harris joined the 76ers via trade in February last year. In July of that year, Harris signed a five year, $180 million contract with the Sixers.