4-Year-Old Golfer Makes Epic Hole-in-One on Par-3 Course

Golf is not an easy game, but some people show an early ability in life to find success. One example is a 4-year-old boy named Rocco. The youngster hit a hole-in-one on a Par 3 course and stunned his father.

Rocco's dad, Mark Figaretti, filmed the moment and narrated the clip. The young boy hit the ball from the tee, which sat above the green, and watched as it flew towards the hole. "Get there," Figaretti said. "Get to the hole. Go in the hole." Once he saw where the ball landed, the man simply responded with a stunned, "What?"

At first, Rocco had a look of confusion as his dad explained that he had hit a hole-in-one. He shook his head and then took off running toward the hole after his dad repeated the sentence. Once Rocco reached the green, he pulled the ball out of the hole and showed it for the camera from afar.

"HOLE IN ONE!!!! Hole #1 at Oglebay's Par three course. Rocco = 4yrs old." Figaretti wrote in his Facebook post. "He practices all the time In the yard. To say I'm proud would be an understatement!"

Following the feat, the Oglebay Golf Club's Twitter account posted the video, as did Golf.com's. Both accounts had the intention of highlighting the young golfer and showing off his impressive shot to the world. Twitter users then responded with a significant amount of support.

"That's exactly what I'd do if I hit an ace- run all the way the cup. Congrats kiddo!" one person commented. Others said that they are impressed by the ability to make this difficult shot, but they also made a bold proclamation. These users said that they are officially "done with golf."

Of course, having Rocco make the hole-in-one brought up other questions. Adult golfers will celebrate the impressive feat by purchasing a round of drinks for their fellow competitors. Some Twitter users wanted to know if this same rule applied to 4-year-old golfers. Would Rocco have to buy a round of juice boxes?


While the majority of users did express excitement about Rocco's ability on the golf course, a surprising number of critics weighed in. Some made comments about his choice of footwear, which happened to be Crocs, while others said that he is not actually 4 years old. One person said that the shot was just "blind luck."