NASCAR in Las Vegas: Ryan Newman Replacement Ross Chastain Leaves Race With Six Laps to Go

Following Ryan Newman's crash at the end of the Daytona 500, Roush Fenway set out in search of a driver that could replace him on an interim basis. Ross Chastain took on this role and got behind the wheel of the No. 6 Ford during the Pennzoil 400. The race was going well for Chastain, but he was knocked out of contention near the end of the race.

With six laps remaining in Las Vegas, Chastain's Ford began sliding. The vehicle spun, didn't hit anyone, and ended up heading toward pit lane in need of new tires. Chastain spun out coming out of turn 2, forcing the NASCAR officials to throw a yellow caution flag and bring the race to a restart.

With so little time remaining, he was unable to continue fighting for a top spot. The No. 6 Ford ultimately finished the event in 27th place. This was a disappointing moment for Chastain considering that he had frequently been in the top 10 throughout the race.

There were several NASCAR fans frustrated by this early exit from the race due to the effect that it had on the field. Ryan Blaney was in a position to potentially secure the victory, but the spin-out erased any chance at victory. Instead, Joey Logano finished his day in Victory Lane.

"Ross Chastain stole a win from Ryan Blaney/Alex Bowman, but good win nonetheless," one frustrated NASCAR fan wrote on social media following the Pennzoil 400. Others chimed in and said that Chastain had been "paid off" by Ford to mess up Blaney's chance at victory.

Whether or not they were happy or frustrated by the end of the Pennzoil 400, the fans were relieved to see a fairly clean race. There were some minor incidents and flat tires, but every vehicle remained on the ground. There were no frightening wrecks near the end of the race.


"@RossChastain when the car got loose glad the car stayed on the bottom when u spun," one concerned fan wrote. Some viewers genuinely believed that the No. 6 Ford was destined for wrecks and they expected something similar to happen to Chastain. Instead, the car simply exited the race but didn't go airborne during the final laps.

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)