Dwyane Wade Becomes a Nebraska Fan, Makes Epic Entrance With Wife Gabrielle Union at Ohio State Game

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade were guests on College GameDay Saturday to help set up a crucial battle with the fifth-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. After making an epic entrance to the set by way of a massive tour bus, Union took a moment to explain that as a native of Nebraska, she has been a Cornhuskers fan since birth. Wade, on the other hand, had to adopt this fandom as part of the courtship.

When two high-profile figures commit to a lifetime together on their wedding day, there is often a prenuptial agreement that is used to protect financial assets. In the case of Union and Wade, this came into play, with a unique requirement. As the recently-retired NBA superstar jokingly told ESPN on Saturday, becoming a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan was part of the prenup.

This appearance by the power couple continued a trend by ESPN of including prominent figures from pop culture based on the setting of the game. Matthew McConaughey was the guest of honor when the University of Texas hosted GameDay, and Jeezy was on hand for the Georgia/Notre Dame matchup.

Unfortunately for Union, her role as a guest picker was marred on Saturday morning by longtime host Lee Corso selecting the Buckeyes to reign victorious in enemy territory. This was fairly expected after Corso talked about all of the ways in which Ohio State has dismantled opponents all season, but Union took the pick in stride while simply throwing up the X and shaking her jersey.

Interestingly enough, becoming a Nebraska fan was only one of the many ways in which Wade has adjusted to life after the wedding. He also learned the ways of the Old Navy shopper after going to the retail giant "freaked him out" due to the low prices.

"Okay so, what I was freaking out about — if you want to call it freaking out — was the prices," Wade said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. "I’m sure some guys do, but I got to a point, especially being so known in Miami — which is a good thing but at times when it comes to personal life stuff, it can be tough — where I hadn’t been to a store in so long. I had a chef to go shopping, a stylist to do this, all that. I don’t really go shopping, so I don’t really know the prices of stuff.


"So I go into Old Navy and I start buying stuff. So I grabbed what I felt was like, a lot of stuff, like it’s got to be $100,000. Not a $100,000 but just speaking in that sense. I got up to the register and it was like $500. I was like, 'Holy s—, I thought this was way more.'"

Between purchasing clothes at Old Navy and becoming a Nebraska fan, Wade is certainly making adjustments in his life.