Here’s How to Tell If You Have a ‘Normal’ Sex Drive

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Whether your libido is revving or it's nearly nonexistent, according to sex therapist Ian Kerner, your 'normal' sex drive all depends on your baseline libido.

And guess what? There is no average amount of sex you should want. For some, it's normal to want sex daily, while for others it's normal to have little to no interest in sex at all. The only cause for real concern is when your libido takes a drastic leap or a fall from its usual baseline.

If you notice a change in your sex drive, identify what could be causing it and make changes to get back on track.

Do you have low libido?

Medications for mental illnesses often result in reduced libido, and some women have even reported decreased sex drive while taking hormonal birth control. Stress, post-baby blues and anxiety can also take you out of the mood.

What if it's hormones? Some research suggests that women with increased levels of testosterone reported lowered sexual interest. On the flip side, women with low levels of androgen reported a low sex drive.

Those who are unhappy with their self-image due to obesity, menopause, or their post-pregnancy body often report a reduced level of sexual desire in their partner.

If you're looking to boost your libido, try changing your diet. Foods like watermelon, saffron and blueberries are just three of many libido-boosting foods! You can find more here.

Do you have high libido?

Women can also experience hypersexuality, a.k.a. a high libido. While this is not an issue on most days, a high libido does sometimes translate into sexual addiction and other negative conditions.

If sex is a form of self-medication for anxiety or low self-esteem, you could suffer from from the negative effects of a high libido. Certain drugs can also exacerbate your sex drive and send you into overdrive, but you may be surprised to learn that caffeine can also be a culprit!

If you're truly worried about your sex drive, ask a doctor. A chat with him or her can help you identify causes of this change and work on getting things back to normal.



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