'X-Factor' Alum Thomas Wells Dead at 46

Thomas Wells, former X-Factor performer and veteran of other singing competitions, has died at 46. The former reality singer was involved in an accident at his workplace. Thomas had been working at a tire manufacturing plant in Oklahoma, passing earlier this week on Nov. 13.

According to TMZ, Wells' cause of death is an accident involving his body becoming caught on a conveyer belt. He was rushed to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to another hospital in Tyler, Texas to handle trauma. He succumbed to his injuries shortly after.

Wells also appeared on The Voice and America's Got Talent, but his run on X-Factor remains his most accomplished. During the 2011 appearance, Wells made it to the bootcamp stage of the show. At the time of his performance, he was working at a chicken plant but dazzled in a group performance of Rascall Flatts' "I Won't Let Go."

TMZ adds that Wells got into the music scene at an early age, learning to play instruments by ear and singing in his church choir with hymns and contemporary Christian music at his home in Oklahoma.

Wells' wife of 17 years says he was a "unique person" with a constant "smile on his face" that always "tried to make people laugh." He was drawn to the spotlight, no matter how bright it could be.


Wells' death is the latest to hit the show this year. Freddie Combs, a contestant from the 2009 season of the show, passed away at 49 at a hospital in Florida back in September. The death was ruled to not have any connection to COVID-19, with kidney failure being pinned as the cause.

Combs time on the show came in the second season and his weight was his main motivation over the years. According to TMZ, his wife Kay revealed he had weighed over 900 lbs at one point and had gotten down to 385. "I have so much gratitude to be his wife for 25 years and to be his best friend," his wife said at the time.