Wendy Williams Reveals 25-Pound Weight Loss During Show's Premiere

Wendy Williams is feeling great after losing 25 lbs. during quarantine, she revealed during her eponymous talk show's Season 12 premiere Monday. While Williams, 56, was initially cooking elaborate meals she documented on social media, the host said things changed for her over the past few months.

"Food became disgusting to me," she explained. "I was cooking at first and it was all good, I was shoveling stuff in my mouth." Cooking everything from "hot dogs to lobster," Williams revealed she had a dramatic mental shift when "it became 'I'm done with food.'"

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It wasn't a conscious effort for Williams to lose the weight, but she realized just how many pounds she had dropped when she went to be weighed by her doctor ahead of a routine colonoscopy. "I haven't weighed this little since high school," she said. "I feel really good, but I'm just alone in my romance."

Williams finalized her divorce from husband Kevin Hunter in January, explaining that after his alleged affair resulted in a baby, she was ready to move on. "My husband and I were partners, but I just had to clean the slate and start over," she said at the Black Enterprise FWD Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. "I'm good at this new role, at least I think so, but this isn't new for me. I met my husband on my 29th birthday. I was already a property owner. I was already a radio star. I was already the boss of my own life. I'm returning to that life with a bigger platform and I love it."


Despite the drama surrounding the final months of their marriage, Williams said she will always have a love for her partner of 25 years. "I will say this, there was no one else that knew that I could do this. He [Hunter] was the one who told me I could do it," she continued. "When Kevin entered my life, he was 23 and I was 29 and he was available. It was always me, my attorney and Kevin. His name wasn't on the paperwork, but he was a huge part of that. Now, I cheer for myself, but I'm still madly in love with him. You see it in my eyes."