'Big Brother' Season 23 - Beach Club 'Shark Kitchen' First Look

This summer, more than ever, people can't wait to get out and get wild at the beach. And Big Brother is no exception, as this season is all about the Big Brother Beach Club! This year, the house is part seaside cabana, part Monte Carlo and ALL about making big moves in order to get ahead. Houseguests are greeted as they enter the Beach Club with three custom neon-glowing LED signs, with one offering a major piece of advice for the summer: "No Risk, No Reward." In the kitchen, the gambling theme continues with a roulette wheel dining room table. Behind the table, 3D sculptural bubbles float to the surface. And even more sharks circle the BB Beach Club, with 12-foot-wide shark illustrations swarming on the kitchen walls. The largest creature, however, is the massive 14-foot long white construction paper shark sculpture hanging over the kitchen sink.