'Very Cavallari' Fans Celebrate Jay Cutler, the Show's Unlikely Breakout Star

Very Cavallari may be all about Kristin Cavallari, but her husband Jay Cutler is stealing the spotlight as far as plenty of fans are concerned.

The former NFL player has become the breakout star of the new E! reality series with his dry quips, salty attitude and general disdain for everyone on the show who isn't his wife.

Perhaps she says it best: "Jay and I love to push each others buttons, we definitely have that playful banter," she told the cameras during Sunday's all-new episode. "He can be a little s—, but he makes me laugh."

She even acknowledged the phenomenon on Twitter, writing, "Jay. The breakout star. Who knew."

And between the drama of the Uncommon James employees, Cutler's obsession with his deer cam, kids' school drop-off line and dedication to straight chillin' has struck a chord with viewers.

He also won over fans during Sunday's episode when his annoyance with Cavallari's employees reached the point where he asked permission to fire them all after they failed to help with moving into the Nashville storefront.

Viewers took to Twitter once again to celebrate the unlikely reality star.

Very Cavallari airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!

Photo credit: E!