'A Very Brady Renovation' Unveils Stunning Overhaul of 'Brady' Wagon With 'Fast N' Loud' Star Richard Rawlings in Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

After delivering the highest-rated season premiere in HGTV history, the extraordinary restoration [...]

After delivering the highest-rated season premiere in HGTV history, the extraordinary restoration that has captured the hearts of America with A Very Brady Renovation is coming to an end Monday night, and PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek for fans. Featuring one of the iconic series' most essential pieces in Brady history, audiences will get a chance to reconnect with the beloved Plymouth Satellite station wagon, better known as the "Brady Wagon."

In the finale, "A Sunshine Day on Clinton Way," Discovery's Fast N' Loud star, Richard Rawlings has overhauled the 1969 wagon, driving up to the house for its dramatic reveal and declaring it's time for the Brady's next family trip to the Grand Canyon. Rawlings is joined by Brady star, Barry Williams (Greg), who guest starred in a special episode of Fast N' Loud to help Richard and his Gas Monkey Garage team give the family car a once-in-a-lifetime makeover.

"You guys — you got the gang back together, you got the house and no home is complete without a custom wagon," Rawlings said in the clip before unveiling the memorable automobile.

(Photo: HGTV / Discovery)

The final episode in the unprecedented renovation also sees HGTV stars Lara Spencer (Flea Market Flip) and Jasmine Roth (Hidden Potential) recreating Greg's attic bedroom, but in a very unexpected part of the house. Additionally, Roth pulls double duty working on Mike and Carol Brady's master bedroom with Bobby Brady himself, Mike Lookinland.

While the home has had its fair share of challenges, Roth told PopCulture.com exclusively ahead of the series premiere that the bathrooms were a definite obstacle for the crew since they had nothing to build off of since toilets were an often disregarded aspect during that era because of their taboo nature.

"On the TV set, there were no toilets because it was not allowed — you weren't allowed to show toilets on TV then," Roth laughed with PopCulture.com. "And so why would there be a toilet — and if there was a toilet, it wouldn't have been a working toilet. The master bedroom, for example, should have a bathroom off of it. And that bathroom in order for this house to be a real house needs to have a toilet, and it needs to be a working toilet."

One of the Roth's co-stars, Mina Starsiak of the network's Indianapolis-based renovation series, Good Bones, also revealed to PopCulture.com that "everything's going to come full circle" in the final episode of the renovation.

Starsiak, who considers herself and mother Karen Laine to be "just a couple of the lucky few" involved with the remarkable renovation, revealed the end result is going to seriously wow viewers and might inspire audiences to pick off from the cherished trends for their own homes highlighted in the HGTV series.

"I think people are going to pick up on the brightly colored tubs and toilet trend again, I really do," Starsiak told PopCulture.com said of the finished product.

Tune in for the astonishing finale Monday night! A Very Brady Renovation airs its series finale in the four-part event series, Sept. 30 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.