HGTV's Mina Starsiak Reveals 'Everything’s Going to Come Full Circle' With 'A Very Brady Renovation' (Exclusive)

After delivering the highest-rated season premiere of any show in HGTV history, A Very Brady Renovation is shining bright as one of network's best, bringing together the cast of the beloved '70s sitcom with its hottest stars to recreate a daring restoration of The Brady Bunch home's interiors. And according to one of the show's stars, Mina Starsiak of the network's Indianapolis-based renovation series, Good Bones, "everything's going to come full circle" thanks to the show's evergreen charm.

Starsiak, who considers herself and mother Karen Laine to be "just a couple of the lucky few" involved with the unprecedented renovation, told in an exclusive for the four-part event series that while the team came across its fair share of challenges, the end result is going to seriously wow viewers.

"If you saw the first episode, [you'd see] there was no room for personal opinion — we are doing Brady through and through, but the only accommodation we did make that was different, is, we put toilets in," Starsiak told, adding how fans are going to love seeing it all come together. "Mom and I did the boys' and the girls' rooms and the Jack-and-Jill bath and backyard — and on that soundstage, I guess they never had toilets shown on TV during that era, and so we did make that accommodation, but everything else is pretty exact."

In the second episode featuring her co-star, Jasmine Roth tackling Mike Brady's den with Barry Williams (Greg Brady) and Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady), Starsiak and her mother, Laine, will be working with Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) and Lookinland on the kids' bedrooms, along with the Jack-and-Jill bathroom that was never before seen on the series. With nothing to work off of, Starsiak said the team decided to draw inspiration from a lot of '70s vibes and styles to recreate what could have possibly existed in the Brady home if toilets were not that taboo of a subject.

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"In our bathroom, we just have a plain regular toilet because you never saw it, but the other bathrooms in the house… everything in the '70s was kind of crazy, cool, fun colors," she reveals of the renovation she and Laine focused on. "So, some of the other toilets are quite colorful and I feel like after this airs — in my head already — some of that cool stuff is coming back."

Starsiak, ever the stylish renovator and designer admits the show might just inspire audiences in 2019 to pick off from the cherished trends and implement specific charms highlighted in the HGTV series for their own homes.

"I think people are going to pick up on the brightly colored tubs and toilet trend again, I really do," she said of the finished product. "Everything's going to come full circle."

The 31-year-old goes on to share aside from she and her mother taking on one of their most "high pressure projects" yet, it was incredibly fun to defy the unthinkable and fit all those soundstage interiors into a home that only ever backdropped for exterior shots.

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"This house wasn't falling over when we started it like a lot of ours, so we at least had that going for us," Starsiak laughed. "But I think the biggest challenge was what the Property Brothers and the whole architectural team had going against them, which was figuring out how to fit everything in because this was a two-bedroom, two-bath house."

Starsiak adds that realizing the plans, which would include a 2,000-square-foot addition and two stories, brought along tasks for everyone.

"The elevation of the home was only one story, so how to make that all work brought its challenge," she said. "And what they all ended up doing was sinking it down into the ground, doing a variable roof pitch, so it still looks like a one-story house."

With more than 9,000 hours filmed for the entire renovation, Starsiak adds that while everything involved a lot of creativity and planning, the elevation aspect took a lot of "brainpower" from the crew and architects.

"[Everything] that had to go in that — I mean we got to come in and do the fun stuff. The walls were up. We did pretty wallpaper, so this was a walk in the park for mom and I," she laughed.


A Very Brady Renovation airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

Photo credit: HGTV / Discovery