'Unexpected' Star Tyra's Body 'Not Cooperating' as She Suffers Scare During Labor in Exclusive Clip

As Tyra Boisseau tries everything she can think of to move her labor along, the Unexpected star [...]

As Tyra Boisseau tries everything she can think of to move her labor along, the Unexpected star could be facing dangerous complications when it comes to giving birth. In an exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's all-new episode of the TLC reality show, the 18-year-old is relying on support from her family — as well as some tried and true tactics — to try and bring her baby in the world.

As she bounces on a yoga ball and follows along with a pre-natal exercise video on TV, Tyra gets encouragement from her uncle, grandmother and mom while she works to "open the pelvis." Despite all her efforts, the soon-to-be-mom is only dilated 2 centimeters, much to her frustration.

"I know I walked up and down the steps, I was bouncing on a ball, I was doing TV yoga, I was dancing, I was doing everything to try to get her out," Tyra tells the camera. "But like nothing happened."

"You can't get un-dilated can you?" the teen asks her family, who laughs off her concerns. "I'm just asking. Y'all think I've been pregnant before."

Tyra explains of her worries, "I didn't want to go through all that pain and then it just go away for nothing. I mean all that pain for 2 centimeters and you gotta get ten like I still got eight more to go."

With walking around the only thing keeping Tyra out of such intense pain while her family marks down the time and duration of her contractions, her mother is concerned that her daughter could be wearing herself out too soon in the birthing process.

"Tyra's wore herself bouncing on balls, walking and doing just about anything she could do to get the baby out," she explains, "and her body is not cooperating."

Heading into the bathroom, Tyra calls sister and fellow new mom Tiarra in to help her. Things take a turn for the intense then when Tiarra notes how much blood on Tyra, yelling to her family that they need to get help as soon as possible. For the rest of Tyra's labor story, tune into the new episode of Unexpected, airing Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC